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fab URL scheme specification

Last updated: October 31, 1997

For a deeper understanding, I recommend that you read the Request For Comments 1738 (Uniform Resource Locators).

This URL scheme follows the Common Internet Scheme Syntax as described in RFC 1738, section 3.1:


[brackets] indicate optional parameters

A client will use the part displayed in bold characters to retrieve a list of partial URLs. The client will then build a list of valid URLs by simply appending [object-path] to each object in the list thus obtained.

Please note that the actions to be performed

are left unspecified on purpose.

It is suggested that the part in bold characters is chosen in such a way that the following URL:


will point to a valid object on the "master" server. The client should determine which scheme to use in order to access the master object in some unspecified way.

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